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Buy Office 2016 Home and Student - Cheap Price

Microsoft developer has updated the Office 2016 Home Student license with many new features. Smartly designed, modern and user-friendly interface. In addition, the right collaboration tools make it easy for users to organize and create, saving a lot of time. When you purchase Office 2016 Home Student, you get updated with new features that make your work easy and smooth, helping you achieve more than you've ever done before!

To learn more when buying Office 2016 Home Student with cheap copyright,  please read the following article of cheap win!.



2 Tools in Office 2016 Home Student 

2.1 Word

2.2 Excel

2.3 PowerPoint

2.4 OneNote

3 Highlights of Office 2016 Home Student Update

4 Office 2016 Home Student System Requirements

5 On which operating system can Office 2016 Home Student be run? 

6 Ending 

About Office 2016 Home Student

Office 2016 Home Student copyright is an outstanding software of Microsoft with many attractive utilities, suitable for individual users, students/students or office workers. Microsoft has updated the completely new version of Office 2016 Home Student, with outstanding creativity to help you design, create, and organize faster, thereby saving more time. With a completely new and modern designed interface, built-in collaboration tools. The product suite includes tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote fully installed.


Buying a key Office 2016 Home Student  is regularly updated via the internet to help the software always add new features and enhance high security. Plus, you can easily save your documents to the cloud on OneDrive and access them anywhere.


Tools in Office 2016 Home Student 


Create and share professional-looking documents with state-of-the-art editing, review, and sharing tools. Not only that, the new design provides quick access to features. Smart lookup displays relevant contextual information from the web directly inside words which is very convenient for users.



Buy the Office 2016 Home Student license   key Excel tool to help analyze and visualize user data in the latest ways with a new user interface and favorite shortcuts. Leverage features like Analysis Toolpak, Slicers and Formula Builder to save users time. So, when working, you will focus on absolute detail.



Powerpoint will help users create and present great ideas with new slide transitions and the latest improved animated task pane. Additionally, threaded comments along with slides help you incorporate feedback into your presentation.



OneNote is a user-specific digital notebook. So you can keep your notes, ideas, web pages, photos, even audio and video in one place. Whether you're at home, at the office, or on the go, you can take it all with you wherever you go while sharing and collaborating with others.


For Office 2016 Home Student license key purchase, sign in to Office 2016 and use OneDrive to easily access your recent documents on any device with seamless integration.

Office 2016 Home Student Highlights Update

Office 2016 Home Student

Tools like Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint and Word will help you find references and other links. Users simply need to “right click” on a word or phrase and select “Smart Lookup”.

Buying a license for Office 2016 Home Student   will help schedule emails, track each email at the time you press send. The delivery receipt feature confirms that the email was successfully delivered to the recipient while the read receipt confirms that the recipient has viewed the message.

Schedule emails to help you deliver newsletters, reports, and notifications on time. Simply tick “Do not send first” in the sending options and enter the date and time you want to send your message.

Update many new charts when using spreadsheet software. The program has integrated many chart types, providing popular chart types such as: waterfall, tree, sun, pareto, box, cone ,..So you won't have to worry about chart design.

Buying an Office 2016 Home Student key for live collaboration is considered the most exciting update. Keep your Word documents and PowerPoint presentations in OneDrive so users and other editors can see each other's work in real time. Also, it has been optimized for mobile phones and tablets.

Works on multiple devices Available on PC, Mac, Windows Tablet, Windows Phone, iOS, Android 2

Office 2016 Home Student System Requirements

Key Office 2016 Home Student with cheap license will be supported to install when the system:



Processor Minimum 1GHz single-core processor required.

RAM Minimum 1GB RAM for 32-bit version and 2GB for 64-bit version.

Memory Hard drive at least 3GB of free space

Screen resolution Screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher

On which operating systems can Office 2016 Home Student be run? 

Users can run the program when Office 2016 Home Student is cheap  on operating systems such as:


Windows Server 2008 R2

Windows 7 Service Pack 1

Windows 8

Windows 8.1

Windows Server 2012

Windows Server 2012 R2

Windows 10

Windows 10 Server

The software is also compatible with Mac OS X version 10.10 or later


Buying a license for Office 2016 Home Student for businesses, schools or individuals, etc. will help increase work efficiency as well as reduce unnecessary risks. Win Cheap is always proud to provide customers with the best software products, supporting the development of your personal as well as your business.


If you want to buy a cheap Office 2016 Home Student, contact us immediately to receive many special offers. Follow the website to always update the latest cheap copyright software!. 

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